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Hey there!

I am Jasmine and welcome to my blog where I collect memories of my adventure with my boyfriend, Byron, and our little fur-baby, Hashie the Cavoodle (check him out on Instagram: @hashiethecavoodle).

Both Byron and I are full-time working professionals in Melbourne CBD and weekends are always a luxury for us to relax and chill, spending the weekends (and whatever free time we are left with from our 9-5 jobs) together. However, we found ourselves becoming lazier and lazier, being too comfortable and not utilising the weekends to its full potential.

We’ve decided to set up a blog to record what are the things that we can do and explore in Melbourne – discovering new and different food, cooking up new recipes, events that we can bring our dog along with, bags (I love designer bags – sadly, most of them are back in Singapore) tips on life and how to survive the struggle of a typical millennial in today’s world, etc . Basically, everything under the sun.

I hope you will enjoy reading this little collection of memories and stories as much as we enjoy exploring the little things in life and recording them down on this site 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a professional blogger, nor am I a professional photographer. Pardon us for the bad photos/blog posts that are on this site (we are trying to improve too!).

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