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Weekend Movie Marathon (Miss Soloane, Get Out, Alien) + Henry Pet Sitting

On Friday, we had the pleasure to pet sit a 12-month old Spoodle, Henry, which we had gotten from Pawshake. Obviously, Byron and I were out at work, and my sister was the only one who can take care of Henry while he’s at our place for the day. She was absolute shattered and dove straight into panic mode when both Henry and Hashie were not obeying her orders. I had to come back home during lunch to smoothen ties out between the dogs, and everything was back to normal. Both dogs had so much fun playing and going for long walks together. When Henry left for the day, Hashie was so tired, and he did not even want to get up to beg for our takeaway fried chicken – that does not happen very often indeed!

Weekends spent with my loved ones are very precious, especially with all the crazy travelling I have to do for work. Over the weekends, we caught three movies – Miss Sloane, Get Out, and Alien, and boy was I mind-blown by these films! *slight spoilers alert*

Miss Sloane

This is probably one of my favourite films of all time. I caught this for the first time while I was on the plane to Jakarta for work, and was so convinced that Byron would love this film once he saw it. It turns out he did not like the movie and also found it boring, boo.

Even though this movie is not based on a true story, I can foresee this happening in real-life. A lobbyist who cares about winning and will do anything, even to jeopardise her career to win a case that she strongly stands with. I highly recommend you to watch this film – perhaps you might find some drive in you to excel in your career after watching it (I did!)

Get Out

I have always hated horror and thriller films my entire life, but this, my friend, has got to be one of the best films in the category that I have ever seen/heard about. Hate to spoil it, but the plot twist in the middle of the film got me spooked for a couple of nights. White people are kidnapping, hypnotising and killing black people for their physical body. Some crazy messed up shit here – pardon my French.

Written and directed by Jordan Peele, this film describes a typical love story between a black man and white woman, where the crucial time to ‘meet the family’ is due. This movie messes up your mind (and still is messing with mine), and I developed a phobia of white people for a while after I have seen the movie. Again, highly recommend it – please watch it at night though.


I did not like this movie at all. I found it pointless watching this as I could not relate to anything in the movie. I did watch ‘Prometheus’ in 2012 (when I was still in JC), and it was horrible. Little did I know that ‘Alien’ is a sequel to ‘Prometheus’ until I was 20 minutes into the movie. I do not believe in Aliens, although I do believe in life outside of our solar system, and I hate the gruesome sound effects and scenes in the movie. It is just not my thing, I guess. However, Byron begs to differ. We’ve got different tastes in movies, I guess.
Also, I believe everyone had the same question as I did – why was Dave Franco in the movie for, literally, only five minutes, before he combusts into flames?