Work Trip to Jakarta + Back Home in Singapore

This is the beginning of my crazy travelling month for work – Jakarta, Tokyo then Auckland. It was my first trip to Indonesia, and honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! I had a little stopover in Singapore on my way from Melbourne to Jakarta and stayed over at my place with my parents. We had some local delicacies and I enjoyed the precious time spent at home with my parents.


Moving on to Jakarta – the airport was crowded and disorganised but I’m glad I made it to the hotel alive. The traffic was horrendous – never knew I could be stuck in the traffic for almost 2.5 hours on a Wednesday afternoon! Upon reaching the hotel, we had to go past two security checkpoints. The first checkpoint was at the base of the slope up to the hotel. There were sniffer dogs and policemen swiping and scanning the car and the driver when we reached the bottom of the slope. Once we’ve passed that security check, we were allowed to drive up and that’s where the second checkpoint is at. I had to scan my luggage and walk through the x-ray metal detector like how we would do it before we board flights. What an experience for my first visit to Indonesia!

We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place and it was beautiful. I had a two-bedroom apartment for myself for the couple of days that I was staying in Jakarta. You think that’s crazy? Some of my colleagues have three-bedroom apartments and they don’t know what to do with the huge space! We were joking about how we can use one room to keep our bottoms, and another one to keep our tops, and the master bedroom for us to sleep – hah, adult jokes.

Work event went well, we had some yummy Indonesian cuisine at the mega mall that is connected to our hotel via an underground pass. I had a couple of hours to tour around the mall, but there was nothing interesting to buy there.

Headed back home after the event, and I caught up with a few of my JC mates, whom kindly took time from their busy schedules to meet me. Five girls at the Loof Bar on Friday, at 5 pm to start off their Friday night drinks might sound early, but with a flight to catch at 11 pm, I have no other better choice.


Bad decision to drink and hang out with them before your flight. Of course, Samantha, SJ and I were the last three girls standing. We

Bad decision to drink and hang out with them before your flight. Of course, Samantha, SJ and I were the last three girls standing. We thought highly of ourselves, and ordered rounds and rounds (seven, to be exact) of drinks at Loof, and went over to No. 5 at Emerald Hill for seconds. I had to drunkenly rush back home and head to the airport before my gate closes. Thank god for online check-ins, otherwise, it would not have been a nice story (or excuse) for my missed flight when I head back to the office.

This trip has taught me a lesson – never drink till you are subconsciously drunk when you are about to board a plane.