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Forever Friends Animal Rescue (FFAR) Adoption Process

We love dogs and we’ve always wanted to get two, so both can keep each other company while we are away at work. Cost and personal reasons brought me on the thought of adopting a dog to be part of our family. I spent weeks online trying to find the perfect dog that can fit into our household and lifestyle – considering I do fly a lot for work and we live in a small apartment in the city, adopting the right one is really hard.

One fine day, I chanced upon a lovely five-year-old Chinese crested and Westland terrier cross on Forever Friends Animal Rescue (FFAR), and immediately fell in love with him! Ziggy is a rescue dog from the puppy farms and has been foster care for the past six months. I applied for the application and a couple of weeks later, my application got accepted! The following weekend, we met up with Ziggy and his foster parent, Sue, down in Cheltenham.

Sue and her dog, Tahlia, and Ziggy were welcoming of us and we had a little chat while taking the dogs out to a nearby schoolyard for a walk and some play time. Ziggy was very shy at first and was quite weary of us, following Sue wherever she went. After awhile, he did open up to us a little, which was very heartwarming, considering the fact that Sue mentioned Ziggy is afraid of strangers usually.

After the successful meetup and a few more email exchanges with the case manager for Ziggy, we locked the adoption in by paying $500 for the adoption fee. However, things fell through as we had issues with our apartment and also factors in the future that would not be good for Ziggy’s anxiety issue.

With a heavy heart, we’ve decided to revert the adoption for Ziggy’s best interest. He is an adorable little thing, and we wish him the best in finding the forever home that he deserves. To top it off, I have donated a small amount of money under Ziggy’s name as a token of appreciation to the case manager, foster parent and the volunteers¬†that work at FFAR to help save these beautiful dogs. If you would like to learn more about Ziggy or other dogs available for adoption, visit their website here. Is adoption too much of a commitment? Donate to FFAR now to help the organisation to save more dogs in need of rescue! #adoptdontshop

After the meeting, we headed out to a nearby cafe for something light and went back home.