Trip to Yarra Valley – Hanrahan Winery

After starting our full-time jobs, every public holiday is a luxury for us to just relax and enjoy. For this Easter, we have decided to make a trip up to the beautiful Yarra Valley – just 60 km away from Melbourne CBD.

Both Byron and I have been in Melbourne for the past five/six of years, but neither of us has actually been up to the beautiful Yarra Ranges and vineyards. As we have a beloved two-year-old Cavoodle, one of the most important criteria for picking the right vineyard would be that it has to be dog-friendly! A quick google search on the reviews and top places for dog-friendly vineyards brought us to Hanrahan Vineyard.

The hour-long drive up was pleasant – with us blasting throwback songs from the early 2000s from Spotify Premium, channelling our inner Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake personas and battling out our vocal cords (okay, mostly me).

We were greeted with the beautiful vineyards and nature that surrounds the estate. It was breathtaking and a fresh change of scenery to what we have in the city. Since we did not prepare any food/nibbles, the wine tasting session only lasting approximately 30-45 minutes. We had a fair share of Chardonnay, two different Pinot Noir and Moscato. It ended up with us giving in to consumerism by purchasing two bottles of Moscato, and a Pinot Noir.

After the wine tasting session, we had a little tour around the estate and took some pictures while walking Hashie around the vineyard. The weather was perfect too – warm and sunny, with a tinge of cool breezes every so often. We left the place just before the sun sets and headed back home to prepare for a long work week again on the following day.

Overall, it was a great experience and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during our time at the vineyard. A well-spent Easter with my loved ones, indeed!